English Day Camp at The School Hoya - Blog Entry
This is a blog post about the English summer camps at the school in Nishitokyo.
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Summer English Camps were super fun!

English Summer Camps

Hello Everyone! How are you today?

The Summer camp was lots of fun. The first week, we only had one girl participate, but she was very good at writing letters, and I feel she learned lots. Actually, I feel as though her writing may have been neater than mine or Davy’s! By the end of the three day camp, she had finished writing the letters A to L, and learned all the phonics sounds for those letters.

She also won first place in all the games we played. We had loads of fun with her. The second week was also fun. We had three boys. It was hard for one boy to do things away from his mother at first, but after a while he was making cards, playing games and making things with play-do. The kids also enjoyed playing in the park and going on nature walks. Even though it was fast, I hope we will have a chance to see those kids again, and we can continue to learn more English together.

Jay Dillon (Mr. Jay)

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